Thursday, May 19, 2011

When skunks attack IV

Saturday, May 28. 1:00pm.
Bedouin Vintage Collective
2621 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA

Another open-invite ride hosted by The San Diego Skunks and Bedouin Vintage Collective.

Be ready to ride for the afternoon, and then some bar hopping in the evening. Bring a backpack (or fanny pack!), a jacket, some 2-stroke oil, a good helmet, a spark plug, and a solid lock/chain.

Meet in the front of Bedouin Vintage Collective, park on the cement in front of the store but keep the sidewalk clear.

We usually have 15-30 vintage mopeds show up, and a few scooters. It's not just three or four of us, so come on and join the fun! Everything non-electric and 2-wheeled is encouraged to come! We cruise city streets, so 50cc is totally cool with us. If you have a vintage moped, please bring it!

Last month's ride was a fucking blast. It carried on well into the night and there were several memorable events. Don't miss out on this. Plus, it's my birthday. Shit is guaranteed to get a little ridiculous.

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