Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Based on one-on-one discussion with a number of members, I've put together a much-simplified version that basically consists solely of voting procedures, drunk driving regs, riding dirty regs, and how-to-become-a-member. Maybe this version is less intimidating?

Skunks MPC is a moped club and a non-profit organization. Secretary and Treasurer are elected officers, along with two additional elected officers-at-large. All others are appointed by the council with a confidence vote from members in good standing required.
The executive duties of the officers as a whole (council) are as follows:

  1. To judge items not covered in the constitution or in the rules regulations.
    1. Authority is given to the officers to judge items not in the constitution.
  2. To represent the club in any club business contacts and to supervise major economic transactions.
  3. To assist DBMC officers in the interpretation of their club responsibilities, and to promote club life among members in general.
  4. The monitoring of conflicts within the club.
  5. The application of disciplinary procedures including the levying of fines to be paid into the club's treasury.
  6. The evaluation of prospects and their progress.
  7. The presentation of summarized assessments of the overall club situation to the membership (court).

The executive duties of the secretary are as follows:
  1. To record and safeguard the minutes of the club meetings.
  2. To maintain the Club Constitution, recording any additions, deletions, or modifications.
  3. To handle any club correspondence.

The executive duties of the treasurer are as follows:
  1. To monitor and record the club's income and expenditures.
  2. To collect the dues and fines owing by members.

The Road Captain is appointed by the council. Executive duties of the road captain are as follows:
  1. To plan the travel routes and organize the basic itinerary of the club prior to going on a 'run' (tour).
  2. To lead the club in formation while riding on tour.
  3. To enforce club rules and procedures for group riding.
  4. Designate a maintenance supervisor for all club vehicles.

Court will consist of all members that are eligible to vote.

Officers of the club serve a twelve-month term of office, annual elections are held at the last regular meeting of the year, in December.
  1. In order to be eligible for office, a member has to have been an active member in good standing for a minimum of one year.
  1. One organized meeting per month.
    1. Meeting to be held second Friday of the month, the night before the public ride.
  2. Majority rules.
  3. If a vote is taken at a meeting and a member is not there, his/her vote is void.
  4. Meetings will be closed except for prospective members and anyone there on business.
  5. All meetings will be run on a parliamentary basis. Members will be evicted for unruly conduct.
  6. Quorum for a meeting is sixty percent of membership and eighty percent for membership votes.

Membership qualifications/ Prospects
  1. Prospects must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Prospects must have a moped (with pedals).
  3. Prospects must show a sincere interest in club and bikes.
  4. Prospects on the road with bike equipped for the road.
  5. Prospect must be sponsored by one member who has known him at least one year.
    1. One year” requirement may be waived by vote.
  6. Sponsor is responsible for prospect.
  7. Sponsor can pull sponsorship at his/her discretion.
  8. Prospects must attend all meetings and club functions.
  9. Prospects must do anything another member tells him to do, that a member has done or would be willing to do himself.
  10. Prospect will stand behind club and members.
  11. No stealing from prospects.
  12. Prospect must ride his/her bike to meeting at time of being voted into club.
  13. Prospect must demonstrate proficiency with his/her moped
  14. Prospect members must be voted in. Two 'no' votes equal a rejection. One 'no' vote must be explained.
  15. Prospective member's prospecting period is at the discretion of sponsor and the club. The council shall decide when vote is necessary.
  16. Every full Skunk must vote for prospect to receive headlight sticker and become full member. Vote must be unanimous.
  17. No prospect will be voted for full membership with an outstanding loan.
  18. Only the sponsor or an officer may hand out a headlight sticker to a prospect. This will be done at a meeting with only members present.

General Rules
If anyone breaks general rules, executive board will deal with them and/or voted by the court.
  1. If you are told by any Officer you are too drunk to drive, you will turn over your keys to a brother.
    1. Only one officer's say is required: even if other officers disagree, a single officer's say grounds you for the night.
    2. Clarification: This rule applies to Officers themselves.
    3. Although the club will work together to ensure that a grounded member and his bike are taken care of, this responsibility ultimately rests with the Officer who grounds the member.
      1. A grounding officer's responsibilities include, but are not limited to: *Providing transportation home to the grounded member. *Ensuring that grounded member's moped is secure for the night. *If grounded member's moped is secured away from home, seeing that it is returned home as early as possible the next day, and before work if the grounded member needs it for transportation. This responsibility may be waived by the grounded member at his discretion.
    4. If a member thinks another member is too drunk to drive, he should bring it up to an officer to make a judgement on the matter.
  2. Everyone must have a moped with operable pedals. Consideration will be give to any member who is in between bikes but he must sincerely intend to get another bike in the near future.
  3. Confirmation vote is required for all new patch-holders at their 12-month point.
    1. Unanimous vote from all good standing members is required.


  1. To the extent that it doesn't interfere with paying work or working on his/her own moped, members should work together to fix broken bikes.
    1. This is not intended to make the most skilled mechanics into everyone else's slaves, but it is intended to officially recognize that it is in the community's best interest for everyone to have a running moped.
    2. The owner of a moped which is being worked on must be present to assist and learn. Once your moped gets fixed, you should be able to fix the same problem when it happens to someone else!
    3. This section may not be used to demand free work from a member. Any Skunk may decline to offer mechanical assistance to anyone. But why be in a club then?


  1. Members should make their best efforts to get legal, in the following order of priority:
    1. Helmet.
    2. Plates for your moped.
    3. Registration in your name.
    4. M1/M2 license.
    5. Insurance (yeah, it's technically required.)
  2. If you get busted riding dirty, the Skunks are under no obligation to help you out, unless you are on a loaner. (Even then, if you get a ticket for riding without a license, it's your bad luck for catching a cop who knows that)
  3. When riding in a swarm, if a cop starts following us, STAY TOGETHER. If they try to pull us over, one person pulls over while the rest KEEP RIDING. Get to a good stopping place out of sight, stop and wait for the pulled-over person to call. Stop in the following order. If you pull over and they pass you and keep following the swarm, the next person in the list stops:
    1. Anyone with busted lights.
    2. Someone who is 100% clean, including motorcycle license.
    3. Prospects.
    4. General members.
    5. The Road Captain.
    6. Officers.

Colors are optional. If a full stickered member wants colors, he/she must provide his/her own denim jacket and a full can each of black and white spray paint. If a member has colors, they become synonymous with the headlight sticker. They remain property of the club, can be revoked or suspended, &c. If you have colors, you should wear them to meetings, rides, &c. if possible.

  1. When a member leaves club, member turns over colors to the council.

Significant Others
  1. Don't fuck around with a brother's significant other. (Probably an Ass Kicking and kick-out from club).

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